My work was recently cited in a few different articles. For those of you interested in mylagaulid systematics (There might be some), Dr. William Korth just published the mylagaulid fauna from the Barstovian of New Mexico. He cited my work with Dr. Samantha Hopkins on Alphagaulus pristinus and the mylagaulids from the Great Basin.

Dr. Susumu Tomiya published his research on the link between body size and extinction probability (or lack thereof). He cited my article with Drs. Samantha Hopkins and Edward Davis on burrowing rodents diversity through time in the northern Great Basin. That same article was cited last year by Jardine et al. in their study of hypsodonty in small mammals.

Update 11/28/2014: Dr. Edward Davis and Brianna McHorse recently published an article on multivariate discriminant function analysis of camelid astragali and cited the work of Dr. Davis and I on antelope astragali.

Update 03/25/2014: A team of Argentinean scientists just published an article (available online) on the burrowing rodent Ctenomys citing my work on Palaeocastor peninsulatus and Alphagaulus pristinus.

Update 07/01/2014: Dr. Clara Stefen just published the description of a skull of Capacikala from the John Day Fossil Beds. She used the description of Palaeocastor peninsulatus I recently published.


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